Mar 252015
16 Unique Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Want to do more than just dye eggs this year for Easter? Look no further. I have gathered 16 unique ideas for decorating Easter eggs. There’s a little something for everyone! 1. Ukranian Eggs | Suzy’s Sitcom 2. Super Hero Easter Eggs | Our Thrifty Ideas 3. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs | Simply Kelly Designs 4. Bird Nerd Easter Eggs | Thinking Closet 5. Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs | Create Craft Love 6. Hot Crayon Easter Eggs | Parenting Chaos 7. Chalky Stamped Easter Eggs | Simply Designing [continue reading]

Mar 232015
Easy Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

My family and I are slightly obsessed with temporary tattoos. I love to create them and my kids love to wear them. Easter is less than 2 weeks. When I was brainstorming new ways to decorate Easter eggs this year, I immediately thought of using temporary tattoos. I had my kids give it a try. I have a boy (6) and a girl (8) so my house is divided between princesses and superheroes. My son used Marvel Avenger tattoos and my daughter used Disney Princess tattoos that we [continue reading]

Mar 202015
Punctuation and Symbols Digital Scrapbook Templates

My new Punctuation and Symbols Template Set is in the same style as my Numbers Template Set,  Uppercase Alphabet Template Set and Lowercase Alphabet Template Set. All the template sets will work well together in an album or as layouts displayed on your wall. The Punctuation and Symbols contains one PSD template each for & (ampersand), $ (dollar sign), ! (exclamation mark), + (plus sign), ? (question mark), * (star),  { (left bracket) and } (right bracket). Unlike most of my products, this template set is commercial use. [continue reading]

Mar 162015
Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets Made With Scrapbook Paper Scraps

My kids had a day off from school last week and we had a session of Craft Lightning! This month’s theme of crafts that are done in 15 minutes or less (excluding dry time) is recycled crafts. In my case we “recycled” bottle caps to make personalized bottle cap magnets for our refrigerator. We don’t drink any bottled beverages so I got my bottle caps from a friend who brews his own beer. This project is also a great way to use scrapbook paper scraps. My kids and [continue reading]

Mar 152015
3 Leprechaun Traps Ideas For Kids To Make

Kara has an assignment to build a leprechaun trap and bring it to school on St. Patrick’s Day. What Kara does, Colin usually wants to do too so we got to work a few days ago when the kids had a day off from school. First, we looked searched Google images for inspiration. We found all sorts of fun leprechaun traps. If the kids liked some aspect of a trap, I would save the image to my laptop. When we were done researching, we looked at all the [continue reading]

Mar 122015
4 Leaf Clover Temporary Tattoos for St. Patrick's Day

Green is not my color. I don’t own anything green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. What’s a girl to do? Create green temporary tattoos to wear of course! I created 5 different 4 leaf clover designs: solid green, striped, polka dotted, chevron and sunburst. Who doesn’t need a 4 leaf clover, two or three on St. Patrick’s Day? Supplies: Silhouette Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper (affiliate link) Silhouette Portrait (affiliate link) or scissors or paper trimmer inkjet printer Silhouette scraper (affiliate link) – optional Instructions: 1. Download my [continue reading]

Mar 092015
The Fault In Our Stars Inspired Shirt - Okay? Okay.

One of my favorite books of all time is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. My aunt recommended it and I checked it out from the library without knowing anything about it. Hazel, the main character is a 17 year old girl with cancer. In the first few pages she describes the support group she attends for teenagers with cancer. I knew that the book could not and would not end well. I wanted to put the book down but it was too late! I was [continue reading]

Mar 062015
Quilted Digital Scrapbook Template Set 1

The simplicity and order of quilting patterns is aesthetically pleasing to me. That is what inspired me to create my new Quilted Set 1. It is named Quilted Set 1 because I am sure there will be another set inspired by quilts. Miranda from my creative team made this awesome layout that I just adore! This set is also available in my Panstoria store (affiliate link) for users of Artisan and Storybook Creator. This template set is 20% off in my Simply Kelly Designs store through March 31, [continue reading]

Mar 042015
Free Easter Word Search Printable

Easter is one of my children’s favorite holidays. I am sure it has something to do with visiting the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts. The kids asked for another holiday word search and I was happy to oblige. This free Easter Word Search printable is only for personal use but teachers may use it for their classroom. Click on the word search below or here to download the printable PDF file. Looking for more holiday related word searches? I have these other free printables: Santa’s Reindeer Word [continue reading]

Mar 022015
My 9 Tips For The Purium 10 Day Transformation

Disclaimer: This is not an ad. I am not affiliated with Purium and am not qualified or trying to give medical advice. I just finished my cleanse (with version 4 documentation) last week and Purium has already changed the products involved in the cleanse. These tips still apply. I did the Purium 10 day transformation cleanse because I wanted to break my addiction to bad foods. I am a stay at home mom and am alone for two out of my three meals of the day so it [continue reading]

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