Project 365: My Process

Last Saturday I went to an all day crop where my goal was to catch up on my Project 365 layouts. I have been taking pictures but haven’t done any layouts since the beginning of April. I was all caught up after 6 hours and 7 layouts into the crop!

Here’s my Project 365 process from camera to layout.

– My photos are downloaded from my camera via the software that came with my camera into folders based on date.

– Every week or so I go through and delete any duplicate or blurry photos and add the location or event to the name of the folder.

– My Project 365 folder contains a folder for each week (i.e. Week 19 – May 7-13). I go through my dated photo folders and select one photo from each day and copy it into the correct folder and rename it with just the date. If I want to remember a specific quote or detail for journaling later I will add the information to a text file in the folder.

– When I am ready to do my layout I copy my Project 365 template to the folder, pop in my photos and journaling and voila, a completed Project 365 layout!

Project 365: Week 19|unreleased template by Simply Kelly Designs|Hit The Road Running Kit by Simply Kelly Designs

I’m sure that everyone has a different process but this is what works for me. What works for you?

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