WILD Wednesday: Freedom

This week I’ll share with you one of the biggest reasons Why I Love Digi.

For the last 3 years I have attended a monthly 12 hour crop with a great bunch of scrappers. When I first started going to the crop, I was a paper scrapper. I admit that I spent most of my scrapping time between crops starting pages so I could finish them at the crops. That was my strategy for minimizing what I needed to pack.  This didn’t always work because I would inevitably forget something or need something that I didn’t have. I also spent a lot of time packing before and unpacking after the crop. Unfortunately some months I had no time to prepare for the crop. This is everything that I brought to the April 2010 crop.

There is a card table, my cricut Expression (an electronic die cutting machine, my cricut cartridges, my paper cutter, my laptop (for Cricut Design Studio), paper, embellishments and there is actually more stuff in my Crop N Style XXL too. Even though I brought all this stuff, I was ill prepared and didn’t get much done at this crop.  April was about the same time I was really getting into digital scrapbooking. I decided to buy a laptop so I could take my laptop to crops instead of packing all that stuff! I also wanted to get the laptop because I was starting the Art of Digital Design class taught by Jessica Sprague and Carina Gardner.

Now this is what I take to crops!

Inside the backpack are my laptop, bamboo tablet, an extension cord and a USB thumb drive. Sometimes I’ll take a scrapbooking magazine or an idea book but that’s all! Unplugging my laptop and my pen tablet to put in the backpack takes 2 minutes at the most! I have also taken this backpack to the library, Barnes and Noble, on my back porch (you get the idea) to scrap. I love the freedom to be able to scrap where I want!

Next week, WILD Wednesday coincides with the start of a blog train so come back then for a free mini kit and a new template release.


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