Everyday Storyteller Review

Imagine a magazine full of 2 page articles and eye candy from 33 inspiring memory keepers and you have Everyday Storyteller. Articles are written by some of my favorites in the scrapbooking industry. The full list of contributors include: Cheryl Ashcraft, Anna Aspnes, Katie Clemons, Elise Blaha Cripe, Paula Gilarde, Sara Gleason, Michelle Hernandez, Debbie Hodge, Katrina Kennedy, Amy Kingsford, Cindy Liebel, Crystal Livesay, Angie Lucas, Robyn Meierotto, CD Muckosky, Nancy Nally, Christine Newman, Ashli Oliver, Amanda Padgett, Renee Pearson, Elle Price, Heather Prins, Traci Reed, Lauren Reid, Amber Ries, Kristin Rutten, Betsy Sammarco, Jenn Smith-Sloane, Jessica Sprague, Melissa Stinson, Amy Tan, Tiffany Tillman and Jennifer Wilson.

Everyday Storyteller can be purchased as a digital download or a digital download and an 8.5×11 full color soft bound print version. I easily downloaded the electronic version and read it from cover to cover in one sitting. The magazine is divided into 3 sections: capturing moments, telling stories and creating memories. I like having the electronic version of this magazine because it takes up no room in my scrap area and I can easily refer to it when I need a inspiration.

Everyday Storyteller is not just for paper scrapbookers or digital scrapbookers. The articles are appropriate for all memory keepers. I have read a few of the tips before but found most of the articles fresh and insightful. While I was reading I re-examined why I scrapbook, made a list of new ways I could improve my memory keeping process and felt happy that I am recording our family’s memories for my children and future generations. I think the most eye opening tips for me was how to use current technology and social media in my memory keeping process. Other tips I loved were on photography and journaling.

I highly recommend that you read Everyday Storyteller for inspiration and a reminder about why we do what we do!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Everyday Storyteller but as always all opinions are my own.

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