Aug 142013

First Day of School Faux Chalkboard - Simply Kelly Designs

My daughter started first grade today. I was content to take my usual first day of school photos until I saw my friend Mandy’s photos of her kids on their first day of school. They took their picture with a faux chalkboard sign. Mandy used a printable from Yellow Bliss Road. I printed out the printables that I needed for my kids but then it occurred to me how quickly I could make a custom one in Photoshop. I did a quick Google search and found this great post by How To Nest For Less on how to create my own chalkboard printable. She provided a free chalkboard background. There are also tips in the comments for others about alternatives to using Photoshop.

I found another great post on Yellow Bliss Road listing some great chalkboard fonts. I spent a few minutes downloading fonts (from and then created my own printable in Photoshop. Fonts I used were A Song For Jennifer, Return To Sender and CK Child’s Play. The frame holds an 8×10 and I took the glass out so there would be no glare.

I also added what my daughter says she wants to be when she grows up. I bet you can’t figure out what her favorite movie is at the moment?!? I hope she and her friends have a fabulous first day!


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  1. Kelly, thanks for sharing this. I love it. Have to check all the links and fonts and see if I can find a frame for this. Would love to do this on Duncan’s first day!! Love the “when I grow up” line :)

  2. What a great smile on her face! Cool idea, no idea there were chalkboard fonts available.

    • I really never thought about chalkboard fonts until I saw my friend’s picture. But now I know and knowing is half the battle. Yes, I watched GI Joe as a child. :)

  3. Omg too cute! I want to be a warrior like Milan too! Love that your teaching your daughter to be a strong woman!

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