Year In Review Scrapbook Layout Inspiration

Year In Review Layout Inspiration by Simply Kelly Designs

It’s New Year’s Eve and I have to confess that I didn’t complete as may scrapbook pages as I wanted this year. As a year draws to a close, I wanted to create some layout that help to summarize this year. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Monthly Year in Review
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Friendships
  • Social Media

Monthly Review

Every year I create a layout to showcase one photo from each month of the year. This layout is the first layout of the year in our family scrapbooks. I love photos with all four of us in them so this year I put a little twist on the usual layout by choosing 12 family photos.

2013 Year In Review Layout Inspiration: Family Photos
Memories Collab Kit by the Scrappe Shoppe


I LOVE to watch movies. I couldn’t remember all the movies I watched this year so I went to this site and looked through the monthly listings of new releases in 2013. My magic number was 20. I searched online for movie posters and created this two page layout. The journaling details that I ordered the movies from the one I liked the most to my least favorite.

2013 Year In Review Layout Inspiration: Movies Watched
Mini Movie Kit by Peppermint Creative


I started using to track my books about halfway through the year.  I checked GoodReads and searched my memory for all the books that I read this year and the number totaled 50! I had no idea I had read so many books. I didn’t want to look for 50 book covers so I decided to create a layout about my favorite books. The seven AMAZING books in this layout were the only ones I gave 5 stars to this year. You can connect with me on here.


Do not read the journaling if you have not read Allegiant (3rd book in the Divergent series) or The Fault In Our Stars as it contains indirect spoilers.

2013 Year In Review Layout Inspiration: Favorite Books
Apple For Teacher Kit by Trixie Scraps


Did you have any special friends that you spent a lot of time with this year? My kids had two great friends who were also brother and sister. I had so many pictures of them together that this is just a small sampling.

2013 Year In Review Layout Inspiration: Special Friends
15 Photo Layered Template by Simply Kelly Designs | Blessed Kit by Ellie Lash

Social Media

A week or two ago, a small banner appeared on my personal Facebook page for a 2013 Year In Review.


When I clicked on the link it showed me 20 of my most popular Facebook posts of 2013. I chose 10 of those statuses for this layout. I used screen shots and placed them on the layout.

Year In Review Layout Inspiration: Facebook/Social Media
Facebook Collab Kit by OScraps

Instead of Facebook, you could do the same layout with tweets from Twitter, pictures from Instagram or statuses from G+.

I have some more ideas for year in review layouts so there might be a part 2 to this post. What kind of things do you do to summarize your year?



  1. Kim says

    Thanks Kelly. This article got my creative juices flowing as to what might be interesting to recap for 2013 and since I have today off from work, this is the perfect project to work on today. You have inspired me throughout 2013 – you take the time to do so many fun and creative projects for your children. You go girl!

  2. LeighAnn says

    Hello. Thanks for all the great ideas. I was wondering by chance do you have an easy template for like the numbers 2013 so you can add photos to the numbers like a digital year in review? I’ve seen several but all of the links are for the adobe photoshop which I do not have and it’s to expensive to use once or maybe twice. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. You can reach me by email at trickilake@yahoo also.

    • says

      Hi LeighAnn. Unfortunately I don’t have a template like the one you asked for. Most of my templates use Adobe Photoshop. I do some that are PNG format that can be used with other programs though. I hope you find what you are looking for!

    • says

      A yearbook style family albums sounds great! I am glad that you are inspired by these ideas. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Kristeen Kohrs says

    I thought I was the only one that scrapbooked the movies I saw in the theater! Glad to see this isn’t the case. This year will be 53 so I may have to switch to a 3 page spread. I really like the idea of rating them best to worst – gonna do that for 2014! thanks (as always) for the inspiration!)

    • says

      53 is a lot of movies Kristeen! :) I only scrapbook the ones I see in the movie theater. We watch a lot of movies at home too. This year I think I might scrapbook all the books I read and rank them in order of how I liked them. Gonna have to go back into Good Reads to see what I read!

      • Kristeen Kohrs says

        Crazy right! All in the theater… We have a “dine-in” locally where you can order a meal while you eat. I work from home so I often go alone to break up the monotony.

  4. Laura says

    thanks Kelly, these are not only great ideas for last year but for keeping record for next year as well! Thanks for all your creative genius throughout the year!


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