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DIY Dr. Seuss Photo Booth Props by Simply Kelly Designs

I didn’t know that Dr. Seuss’s birthday was such a big deal until my children went to school. Every year the kids do a lot of crafts and even eat green eggs and ham at school! I take pictures of the students in both my children’s classes for holidays and special events so this year I thought I would make my own photo booth props for the photos.

Free Silhouette Studio Cut File
My two favorite Dr. Seuss characters are the Cat in the Hat and the Lorax. I designed the Lorax’s mustache, the Cat in the Hat’s hat and the Cat in the Hat’s bow tie in Photoshop and them imported and traced them in Silhouette Studio to create cut files.

Hat, Bow Tie and Mustache Silhouette Studio Cut Files by Simply Kelly Designs

You can download the free cut files here or by clicking on the preview above.


  • 2  sheets of 8.5 x12 red glitter cardstock
  • 1  sheet of 8.5×11 white glitter cardstock
  • 1  sheet of 8.5×11 yellow glitter cardstock
  • two 1/8 inch x 36 inch wooden dowels ($0.29 each at Hobby Lobby)
  • 2  sheets of 8.5×12 thin cardboard (I used one large cereal box and one Eggo Waffle box)
  • adhesive for paper (I used ATC tape and my Xyron 510 permanent adhesive)
  • four 3D foam adhesive stickers


1. First cut the base of the hat, both mustache pieces and the bow tie with cardboard. I trimmed down the large side of a cereal box for the hat and then used one large side of the Eggo Waffle box for the bow tie and the other large side of the Eggo Waffle box for both pieces of the mustache. The Silhouette Studio coverstock setting worked perfectly for cutting the thin cardboard. If you are using boxes like I did, place the outside of the box facing up so that the back of your photo props won’t look like a cereal box.

Cutting Thin Cardboard With Silhouette Portrait | Simply Kelly Designs

2. Use the red glitter cardstock to cut the base of the hat and bowtie. I used the Silhouette Studio glitter cardstock setting to cut all the glitter cardstock.

3. Use the white glitter cardstock to cut the three white pieces of the hat. Here are all the pieces of the hat.

Hat Pieces by Simply Kelly Designs

4. Use the yellow glitter cardstock to cut both mustache pieces.

5. Add adhesive to the red glitter hat and adhere it to the cardboard hat.

6. Add adhesive to the three white glitter pieces and adhere them to the red glitter hat. For the two white stripes, the one that is more curvy is the top piece. Once I figured that out, I just set the white piece on top of the hat and slid it up and down the hat until it fit correctly. I used my Xyron 510 permanent adhesive for the white paper and my ATG on the red glitter paper.


7. Add adhesive to the red  glitter bow tie and adhere it to the cardboard bow tie.

8. Add adhesive to the two yellow glitter pieces an adhere them to the corresponding cardboard pieces.

9. Place 4 small squares of 3D foam adhesive stickers on the back of the small mustache. Then adhere it to the large mustache. This gives the mustache dimension.

3D Adhesive for mustache

10. Heat up the glue gun.

11. Here’s what is completed so far.

DIY Dr. Seuss Photo Booth Props by Simply Kelly Designs

Cut one of the wooden dowels in half (at 18 inches). I used kitchen sheers but use whatever will work for you.

12. For the mustache and the bow tie: Lay the wooden dowel on the back of the cardboard pieces next to where you want it. Place a straight layer of hot glue right next to the dowel and then placed the dowel into the hot glue. Hold the dowel down for a few seconds until the glue hardens.

13. Remember in step 1 when I mentioned to cut the cardboard with the printed side up? Well I didn’t do that for the hat so I cut another hat from red construction paper to put on the backside of my hat. I didn’t want people to be staring at my fruit loops box. :)


For the hat, the gluing process is the same but I had more of the stick glued to the hat to support the weight and the length of the hat. That dowel was 22 inches long.

Now the photo booth props are ready for posing!

DIY Dr. Seuss Photo Booth Props by Simply Kelly Designs

This is just one example of awesome projects that you can make with a Silhouette Portrait! A few of my Silhouette loving friends and I are giving away one Silhouette Portrait to a lucky winner.

February Silhouette Portrait Group Giveaway | Simply Kelly Designs

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter widget below. You can enter anytime between now and 11:59 pm Eastern this Friday, February 28, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can’t see the Rafflecopter widget, click here.

Here is a list of the other Silhouette lovers that are participating in this giveaway!

Good luck!


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  1. I would love to make the holiday photo props.

  2. Your Dr. Seuss props are great! Love them and the chance to win the Silhouette Portrait!

  3. Vinyl Projects!

  4. Kelly, this is so freakin cute. Dr Seuss has been a big deal around here for a long time. We share the same birthday. :) My kids when in elementary school would do the hats, green eggs and ham and more. I just love Dr Seuss and I love your little photo booth props. You are rockin the silhouette GF!

    • Thank you Bridget! I knew when your birthday is and when Dr. Seuss’s birthday is but never thought about the fact that the two were on the same day! I love how timeless Dr. Seuss’s stories are. Happy birthday a few days early!

  5. Very cool project, our school dance theme is Dr. Suess so this would be perfect.

    Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win so I can create these super cute cut outs!!!

  6. I love your Dr Seuss cut outs, especially the lorax mustache.
    I would love to win the silhouette giveaway!!! If I win, I would get started on making end of the year teacher gifts.

  7. What an adorable idea!!! Love the Dr. Seuss photo booth props!

  8. Those are the coolest Dr. Seuss props I have seen yet! I never would have thought of glitter cardstock, it really makes it so much more fun looking. The kids look like they had fun with it too. If I ever were to win, I would be making props and fun embellishments for my boys for their parties. I do have a Mad Hatter Spring Party planned for April– ;O oh the ideas would be endless.

  9. The first thing I would do is try some vinyl projects. I’ve never worked with it but I’m intrigued and would love to try it.

  10. Love them! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  11. The Seuss props are awesome – thank you. With a new portrait, I would create some new vinyl wall art

    • You are welcome! I enjoy making stuff for my kids. They have requested Thing 1 and Thing 2 so we will see if that happens. I would need some blue glitter paper for the hair though. Another trip to the craft store? I’m not sure I want to do that! ;)

  12. Thanks for the giveaway–I have a TON of projects I’d use this for. With easter coming up & birthdays this summer it’ll get a TON of use!!!

  13. This is fabulous! I love Dr. Seuss!

    You are also seriously making me want to get a Xyron machine. How cool are they!?!?

    • Thank you Tara! You should get a Xyron machine if you don’t have one already. There have been a few times when I wish I had the larger Xyron machine but the 510 has served me well. I also have a Xyron X for small things like letters.

  14. Would love to win this and try out the vinyl letter!! Thanks so much for the giveaway and the chance to win 

  15. Thank you for posting this! It will be a fun project to do!

  16. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  17. These are great!!!! love Dr. Seuss….

  18. I would like to make some silhouettes to decorate the walls of the animal shelter. Try to liven up the place.

  19. My grandchildren have Dr. Seuss week every year at school. It would be so fun to make different Seuss props for them every day to take to school. They love to have me help them scrapbook their Seuss week photos and drawings.

  20. I am working on EASTER cards right now so I think that’s where I would start if won the portrait. I have so many files saved that I would like to try someday!

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