DIY Glittery Shamrock Glasses

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs
St. Patrick’s Day is next week and I wanted to make some fun shamrock glasses for us to wear. I have a little bit obsessed with glitter cardstock and my Silhouette lately so that is what I used for this project.

Supplies for 1 set of glasses

– one 8.5 x 5.5 inch piece of green glitter cardstock
– one 8.5 x 2 inch piece of green cellophane
– adhesive (I used ATG tape and Xyron 510 permanent adhesive)
– Silhouette machine
– Silhouette cutting mat


Please keep in mind in the following directions that I was making two glasses at the same time.

1. Download my free Silhouette Studio cut file. This file is only for your PERSONAL use. Click here or on the preview to download.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

The current size of the file is a good size for an adult. They fit me and my husband perfectly. My 7 year old daughter is also wearing them in the photo below.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

The glasses are a little too big for her. When I made my son’s glasses, I reduced the size of the shapes to 90% of the original size. That size fit perfectly for Kara too. To reduce the size in Silhouette Studio:

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

  • select all 3 shapes
  • go to the Scaling Window
  • input a custom size of 90%
  • hit Apply

2. Use the Silhouette, Silhouette cutting mat and glitter cardstock to cut out the shapes. I rearranged the shapes a bit so I could cut out one set of glasses at 100% and one set at 90%.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

2. Next cut out the green cellophane. To do this, move all the unnecessary shapes off of the mat in Silhouette Studio. Then click on the shamrocks, right click and then choose Ungroup.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

This releases the inner shamrocks from the outer two shamrock shape. Now you can either move the shamrocks off the mat or delete them so you can cut the shape. I used the following custom settings to cut the cellophane.

Silhouette Custom Settings for Cellophane by Simply Kelly Designs

3. Carefully remove the excess cellophane around the cut image(s). The cellophane rips easily. I started by lifting one corner and working my way slowing through design. Leave the cut images on the mat.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

4. Add adhesive to the back side of the double shamrock piece(s). I used my Xyron 510 and permanent adhesive for this because of the 100% coverage of this type of adhesive.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

Once both pieces were run through, I removed the top sheet.

5. Now, take the glitter paper with adhesive on the backside and put it on top of the corresponding piece of cellophane on the Silhouette mat. Press down to make sure the adhesive sticks. Then carefully peal off the glitter paper and the cellophane (they are now one piece) from the mat.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

6. Take the corresponding long pieces and fold them a little on the short straight end and adhere them to the each side of the glasses.

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

I used ATG tape for this adhesive. Do not use a liquid based adhesive because it won’t work with the cellophane.

You are now ready to see green on St. Patrick’s Day with these glittery shamrock glasses!

DIY Shamrock Glasses by Simply Kelly Designs

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. Lori says

    Good Morning Kelly,
    I really love these glasses and wanted to make them for my niece, but I am having trouble downloading the file. Everytime I download it it goes to Itunes and of course I can’t find it there at all. I am very new to my portrait and all this downloading stuff, but should it really be this hard. I have downloaded files before, but not for the Sili, any suggestions?
    Thanks for your blog and all your great ideas.

    • says

      Hi Lori. Are you trying to download the file on a mobile device (phone or tablet)? It might be taking you to iTunes so you can get the app. Try downloading from a desktop computer or laptop. If you still can’t get it to work, email me at kelly at simplykellydesigns dot com and I will email the file to you.


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