Mar 022015
My 9 Tips For The Purium 10 Day Transformation

Disclaimer: This is not an ad. I am not affiliated with Purium and am not qualified or trying to give medical advice. I just finished my cleanse (with version 4 documentation) last week and Purium has already changed the products involved in the cleanse. These tips still apply. I did the Purium 10 day transformation cleanse because I wanted to break my addiction to bad foods. I am a stay at home mom and am alone for two out of my three meals of the day so it [continue reading]

Nov 122014
Use A Scanner for Perfect Sizing In Silhouette Studio

I am the crafty one in the family and my sister likes to put in her “orders” over the phone. She recently called and asked me to decorate an irregularly shaped chalkboard for my niece’s apple themed birthday party. I went to Michaels, bought the chalkboard and brought it home. I decided to decorate the chalkboard using white vinyl lettering and an apple. I thought I would have to use trial and error and waste vinyl/paper to get the sizing right but I was wrong. I came up [continue reading]

Letting Go Of Perfect

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Aug 272014
Letting Go Of Perfect

It was the day before my daughter started second grade. I had just been admitted to the hospital with a severe allergic reaction. The knowledge that I was going to miss my daughter’s first day of school weighed heavily on my heart. I had driven myself to the emergency room a few hours earlier so I was just touching base with my husband over the phone. We agreed that he would bring the kids to see me around dinner time. I received a call a few minutes later [continue reading]

Jul 072014
What Is A QR Code And How To Use It

I’m headed to Atlanta to attend the Haven Conference later this week. I designed new business cards a few weeks ago and learned all about QR codes so I could add one to my cards. What Is A QR Code? QR stands for Quick Response. It is essentially a two dimensional bar code. When scanned it can take you to a specific web page. There are many free phone apps for reading them (i.e. QR Code Reader for iOS , QR Droid for Android and QR Code Reader [continue reading]

May 302014
Place Memories Within Reach

My kids love to look at pictures of themselves, places they’ve been or things they have made. I think that is typical of most kids and people in general. I have found that my kids will look at their scrapbooks, yearbooks, photo albums, etc. more often if those items are within their reach. That sounds obvious but it may be something you never think about. My IKEA Expedit shelves make up almost one whole wall of my office and stores my scrapbooks and about half of my crafting [continue reading]

Mar 072014
4 Tips For New Silhouette Portrait Users

I have been using the Silhouette Portrait for a few weeks and love it! Here are 4 things that I learned that would help a new Silhouette Portrait users. 1. Built In Rachet Cap I have blogged about this tip before in this post. A rachet cap is needed to change the blade depth. I lost my rachet cap after my first project and ordered a new blade so I could get another rachet cap. I had to wait several days to receive the blade and couldn’t do [continue reading]

Feb 082014
Change the Silhouette Blade Depth Without Rachet Cap

I am a Silhouette newbie and only used my Portrait for the first time a few weeks ago. When I was doing my first Silhouette project, I had scrapbook paper and cardstock all over my craft table. It was only after I finished up the first project and moved onto my second project did I realize that I lost my rachet cap. I didn’t keep track of it because I didn’t realize its importance. The only way to change the blade depth (described by the manual and on [continue reading]

Aug 142013
First Day of School Faux Chalkboard

My daughter started first grade today. I was content to take my usual first day of school photos until I saw my friend Mandy’s photos of her kids on their first day of school. They took their picture with a faux chalkboard sign. Mandy used a printable from Yellow Bliss Road. I printed out the printables that I needed for my kids but then it occurred to me how quickly I could make a custom one in Photoshop. I did a quick Google search and found this great [continue reading]

Using Phonto App

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Jul 262013
Using Phonto App

This is a photo I posted on Instagram a couple of months ago of the before and after of doing the Color Me Rad 5K with friends. I created the image on my Android phone first and only used Instagram to post it. How did I create the image on my phone? First I made a simple photo collage using PhotoGrid. You can see my tutorial on how I did that here. I used the Phonto app to add the before and after captions on to the page. [continue reading]

Jul 242013
Journaling Tip: Use Song Lyrics

As a scrapbooker, I try to journal on every page. I think writing down and later reading the written details helps to solidify the memory in my head. Sometimes it is hard to be original and not just say that everything was “fun” or that “we had a good time.” I’ve been scrapbooking in one form or another for over 10 years so scrapbooking is never far from my thoughts. Last week, I heard the song Ballerina Girl by Lionel Richie as I was driving along by myself [continue reading]

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